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In 1847, a young Bavarian immigrant called Johann Gramp missed the wine he used to drink in his home land. Instead of changing his habits, he decided to start growing grapes and attempt to make the wine himself. It was a way of adapting to a new country, but still staying true to his character.

What he didn’t know was that when he planted the Barossa Valley’s first commercial vineyard along the banks of Jacob’s Creek, he was also planting the seeds of one of the most popular wine brands in the world that would be named after the waterway.

Today,  Jacob's Creek remains one of the most well known, trusted and enjoyed Australian wines around the world. It delivers fresh, elegant and great tasting wines that show true varietal character.

The philosophy of Jacob's Creek is to offer a range of wines that suit all occasions.
As a company, we concentrate on two key things: The first is continuous improvement. Every vintage we strive to improve the quality of our wines by refining our winemaking practices and continually gaining a greater understanding of our vineyards.

The second is that in everything we do, at every step of the winemaking process, from the vineyards all the way through to your glass, we all work with the final destination in mind. We do it for the most important wine critic. You.

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